Macra na Feirme Leaders of the Year Awards In association with ABP Food Group

Application Form

To apply directly for consideration in the Leaders of the Year Awards, please provide the following information. Alternatively please click here if you wish to nominate someone for consideration.

Below are six brief questions where we are seeking examples of your leadership ability. Please provide one example in each question. Of the six questions, five of the examples given, must be related to your involvement with Macra na Feirme, and one example can be from your experiences outside of Macra na Feirme, such as work, family, other organisations, etc. Under each of the headings below explain in approx. 350 words a specific situation since May 2017, where you displayed the leadership skill / characteristic given. You are not required to submit the max of 350 words in each example, it is simply a guide to help.

1. Please provide a brief example of a situation where you displayed skills of “Planning and Organising”. (max 350 words)

2. Please provide a brief example of a situation that tested your Problem Solving ability or your Judgement. (max 350 words)

3. Teamwork is an important aspect of leading people. Please provide a brief example of how you worked or lead a challenging or ambitious team. (max 350 words)

4. True leaders are always developing the skills in those around them. Please provide a brief example of a time when you had to mentor, coach, teach or develop another person. (Max 350 words)

5. Leaders often set the vision or object for others. Please provide an example of where you were involved in setting or achieving an objective and what you did to achieve it. (Max 350 words)

6. With your term of office coming to an end at the county / regional AGM, please outline your personal plan for your Macra na Feirme involvement in the next 12 months. In completing this section, please outline if intend putting yourself forward for any future officer role, and why/why not. If you are continuing to remain involved in the organisation, please provide two specific objectives you want to achieve at club, county or National level. (Max 350 words)