EVS (European Volunteer Service)

EVS (European Volunteer Service) offers young people the opportunity to volunteer for up to one year internationally on projects run by approved organisations, known as hosting organisations. The volunteer's application should also be supported by an approved organisation (sending organisation) in their own country. Macra is an approved sending organisation.

EVS funding includes the following:

  • 90% of travel costs
  • living expenses of the volunteer (e.g. food, accommodation, local transport)
  • monthly allowance (€100 - €125) for volunteer
  • exceptional costs for volunteers with special needs Existing vacancies can be found at www.youthnetworks.eu.

If you identify a likely suitable opportunity, and wish to pursue it, contact Audrey McDonnell, Travel Administrator by email at amcdonnell@macra.ie and we will assist and advise on how to proceed.