Trip to Ethiopia with Vita Nov 2014

This was my second visit to Ethiopia with Vita to meet the Gendo Gembela Youth Group. This group has come a long way since Macra’s first visit in January 2013 when Teresa Maria Brennan and Joseph Wall set the seed for Macra’s involvement and since then the group have progressed year on year.

vita 1

From a group who never previously met they have now formed into a co-operative and have started a range of co-op projects. In the context of the environment they operate in, it is very encouraging and exciting to see the tremendous progress that has been made with the aid of Vita and their local government who have seen the benefit of empowering the youth group.

Sintuyhu Shiko the group Chairman is very impressive and is focused on the development and progression of the group. The group aspires to what Macra has achieved and are very proud to show the progress they have made.  They meet twice a week on their land, set their agenda in advance and plan what to do next to achieve their five year plan. They have also established standing orders which are approved and stamped by the government.

Vita 2

The future for the group looks bright as they intend to establish a beef fattening and bee keeping enterprises.  Their current crop of potatoes and cabbage will provide them with money to re-investment into their co-operative.

The members are an excellent example of what can be achieved through Macra na Feirme and Vita’s partnership.

-          Michelle O’Callaghan, Seandun NCR