Supporting Local Producers

Support Thousands of Local Jobs – Buy Irish!

In 2009 the National Dairy Council introduced the NDC Guarantee that assures consumers in the Republic of Ireland that the milk and cream they are purchasing has been both farmed and processed locally.

Macra are encouraging members to support local producers by choosing locally produced food and dairy products with the NDC Guarantee. This simple action supports thousands of jobs and keeps money in your community.

The NDC Guarantee supports 2,483 direct manufacturing jobs in dairies, which economically supports a further 9,932 jobs, equating to a total of 12,415 jobs in our own economy.  These are jobs that have a widespread impact because they are physically spread across urban and rural communities.

The National Dairy Council Guarantee can only be printed on milk and cream products approved under licence by the NDC to carry it, with regulation and auditing managed by a Monitoring Committee appointed by the NDC.

Young farmers in your local community benefit when you choose locally produced food and milk and cream with the NDC guarantee.

Ronan Feighery, a dairy farmer in Birr, Co. Offaly explains why it's important to him that people in his community buy locally produced milk and cream. Watch the video.

Hear from Bryan Daniels, a young farmer from Kilkenny who takes about his input in his communtiy.

Bryan Daniels