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Fully Functioning BPS National Reserve in 2016 and Onwards Essential

24 March 2016
Fully Functioning BPS National Reserve in 2016 and Onwards Essential

The availability of a fully resourced Basic Payment National Reserve in 2016, and subsequent years, is essential for young farmers.  Macra na Feirme National President Sean Finan said the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine will need to examine a reallocation of funding to ensure the future of the 2016 National Reserve is secured should demand in 2015 result in insufficient funds being available. 

The call is a response to indications from DAFM that the level of funding available in the National Reserve may not be adequate to open the 2016 National Reserve to both young farmer and new entrant mandatory category applicants. 

Mr. Finan said, “The national reserve is an important policy instrument to help young farmers get established. If you close the national reserve you close the door on young farmers establishing in farming in 2016”.   

Chairman of Macra’s Agricultural Affairs Committee, Bryan Hynes, reiterated his committee’s unanimous call for the need for a national reserve every year. 

A consistent approach is required for young farmers’ schemes. Mr. Hynes continued, “The previous approach of a start stop nature to young farmer schemes has a detrimental impact on young farmers.  It is obvious from past experience that when schemes are suspended or closed they have a knock on effect for future eligibility for these young farmers”.

Macra na Feirme has requested a meeting with the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine on the serious issue of the national reserve and on the re-allocation of funds to support the future of the Basic Payment National Reserve.