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Further Clarification: Requirement for Education Commencement by Year End for 2015

11 November 2015
Further Clarification: Requirement for Education Commencement by Year End for 2015

Macra have received further clarification from Teagasc on the requirement for young farmers to have commenced their agriculture education before the end of 2015 if they have applied to the 2015 National Reserve and Young Farmer Top up. Teagasc have clarified that some level of course fee needs to be made by applicants in 2015 to prove the fact that their agricultural education course had started. 

Macra is calling for this to be a nominal amount as young farmers were, up to now, of the understanding that they would be enrolling some time before Sept 2016 and incurring the fees at that later date. 

“All young farmers who have applied for the young farmer top-up and national reserve in 2015 need to make sure that they have registered and started their agricultural education in 2015”, said Bryan Hynes, chairperson of Macra na Feirme’s Agricultural Affairs committee. He continued, “This is a change from the previous understanding and has been clarified by the Department of Agriculture only yesterday (Tuesday). There are about 1,200 young farmers who have yet to register for agricultural education and they now must also have started this education in 2015”.

The Department of Agriculture have said that they are in discussions with Teagasc about the providing a combined registration and course commencement day for young farmers before the end of the year. This would enable the affected young farmers to register and attend a course on a single day, thus fulfilling the requirement of having started in 2015.  The Department need to informed all young farmers affected by this new requirement.

While this has caused much confusion amongst young farmers, Bryan Hynes said that it is essential that all affected young farmers are clearly written to by the Department of Agriculture and advised of this change to the requirement for agricultural education as soon as possible.