IFAC Services

IFAC Accountants’ CEO Willie Fahey

Joe Hickey
National Taxation Manager

Declan Mc Evoy
Senior Tax Consultant

Value For Money Accounts & Taxation Service
IFAC staff are trained and developed to become specialists in providing farmers with an accountancy and taxation service.  By specialising in farmer taxation, IFAC has developed an expertise in farm tax which other accountants with a more mixed bag of clients find difficult to match and because of its size, can provide specialist national back-up service which smaller accountancy practices do not have. 
Input Into Legislation Changes
Over the years, IFAC has worked closely with Macra and the IFA in order to have legislation changed and to secure reliefs which are individual to farmers e.g. Farm Buildings Pollution Control Allowance, Capital Gains Tax Retirement Relief etc.
Other Services
VAT and  payroll through our national team of book-keepers (Recorders) and staff in 22 offices.  On-line management reports including Profit Monitor input data.
Financial Management/Bench-Marking
Over the years, the most progressive farmers have been more ready to ask for and to accept help from their advisory services. The quality and cost of the advice they get is governed greatly by the availability of information. IFAC Accountants provides this information at no extra charge in a financial management report which includes bench marking i.e. comparing your results against those farmers with a similar enterprise mix.
Recession and Poor Commodity Price
Now more than ever, specialist financial and taxation advice is critical to the success of your business.  IFAC Accountants is available locally to you through our 22 branch office network.