NDC Bowling

Closing Date: 20/Sep/2017

Final: 1/Oct/2017

Purpose: Participation in sport contributes to members' health and wellbeing and offers a further means of socialising with people of a similar age. This competition offers members the opportunity to play bowling in a mixed team format of 3 male and 3 female, making it easy and enjoyable for clubs to participate. Clubs are encouraged to play within their county/region and have the opportunity to represent their county/region at the national finals. 



Team Size

Teams must consist of six players – three of whom must be male and three of whom must be female.


See general sports rules.

Guidelines for Play

1   Games will be played according to usual bowling rules.

2   Any rules listed below will take precedence over the rules of the venue.

3   Members of each team will bowl as a group in the same lane in the first round.

4   Team members' scores will then be added together and the six teams with the highest total scores 

     will bowl in a bowl off.

5    Team members will bowl in separate lanes in the bowl off.

6     The team with the highest score in the bowl off is the winner

4   Team members’ scores will be added together; the team with the highest total score will be declared the winners.