NDC Volleyball

Closing Date: 28/Mar/2018

Final: 22/Apr/2018

Purpose: Participation in sport contributes to members' health and wellbeing and offers a further means of socialising with people of a similar age. This competition offers members the opportunity to play volleyball in teams of six, making it easy and enjoyable for clubs to participate. There is a mens' and a womens' competition. Clubs are encouraged to play locally and within their county/region and have the opportunity to represent their county/region at the national finals. 




Counties/regions can enter one club team in the competition.


Team Size

Teams must consist  of a minimum of six players – three of whom must be men and three of whom must be women. 

 A team can sign in up to four substitutes

A team list, including substitutes, must be submitted to the Presiding Officer at sign-in on the day of the competition. This list will be checked for verification and affiliation.



See general sports rules.


Suggested Guidelines for Play

1. Each match will last until a team reaches 11 points or for 10 minutes, whichever comes first. The best of three matches will determine the winner.

2. In the semi-finals and final, there is no time limit.

3. If the score is 10-10, the next point wins (i.e. a team does not have to win by two points). If the scores are level after 10 minutes, the next point wins. This does not apply to the final.

4. Three points are awarded for a win, one for a draw.

5. Teams should be ready to play their next game five minutes beforehand. If a team is not ready, or is not there to play at the appointed time, that game will be forfeited and the other team will be awarded the points.

6. When the Round Robin section is complete, the leading teams will go forward to the play-offs.

7. The net service is in play if, when serving, the ball touches the net and passes to the opposite side.

8. Touching the net is not a fault except when playing the ball or interfering with the play.

9. Time-outs are in normal play. All time-outs are for 30 seconds. Each team has two time-outs per set.

10.           Intervals between sets are for three minutes. The interval between the second and third set may be extended up to 10 minutes by the competent body at the request of the organisers.

11.           Teams must supply their own volleyballs.


Note: The above are guidelines and can be modified by the Presiding Officer subject to conditions on the day.



1. The number of substitutions allowed is unlimited (i.e. a player may play, then take a break, and then play again in a game).

2. However, there must be no more than three players of the same gender on the court at any one time.

3. The referee should be made aware of all substitutions and they should take place during dead-ball situations.