NDC Indoor Soccer

Closing Date: 22/Nov/2017

Final: 03/Dec/2017

Purpose: Participation in sport contributes to members' health and wellbeing and offers a further means of socialising with people of a similar age. This competition offers members the opportunity to play indoor soccer in teams of five, making it easy and enjoyable for clubs to participate. There is a mens and a womens competition. Clubs are encouraged to play locally and within their county/region and have the opportunity to represent their county/region at the national finals. 




Counties/regions can enter one club women’s team and one club men’s team.

A county/region that has not entered a men's or women’s team for three or more years can enter a rainbow team for two consecutive years.


Team Size

Teams  must consist of a minimum of five players.

Teams can sign in up to five substitutes.

A team list, including substitutes, must be submitted to the Presiding Officer at sign-in on the day of the competition. This list will be checked for verification and affiliation.



See general sports rules.

Suggested Guidelines for Play

1   Each match, except the final, will be six minutes per side with a three-minute interval. The final will be 10 minutes per side.

2   Extra time of five minutes a side will be played in the final only. At the knockout stages, penalties will decide the outcome (minimum of five with a sudden death play-off if necessary).

3   Teams not in the hall ready to play within two minutes of the scheduled kick-off time will forfeit the game.

4   Following a Round Robin series of games – in which three points are awarded for a win, one for a draw – the top two teams in each group will go forward to the knockout stages of the tournament. Goal difference will decide ranking for teams on equal points.

5   All areas of the hall are in play with the exception of the goal area, which is exclusive to the goalkeeper.

6   The ball can only be played inside the goalkeeper’s circle by the goalkeeper. Players may run through the circle. The goalkeeper is not allowed outside the designated area. If the goalkeeper infringes this rule, a free kick from outside the circle will result.

7   Goals can only be scored from outside the goal area and within the opponent’s half of the hall.

8   A free kick will be awarded against defenders encroaching the goal area. Repeated encroachment by an attacker is a yellow-card offence.

9   The ball must not exceed head height. A free kick can be awarded at the discretion of the referee should this be breached.

10            If a player receives two yellow cards in one game, s/he will be suspended from their team’s next game. If a player receives a red card, s/he will be suspended for the rest of the tournament.

11            Only one step back is allowed when taking penalties and free kicks.

12            A sliding tackle is deemed a yellow-card offence.

13            No ‘hand on the wall’ (i.e. shielding the ball) will be allowed.

14            The goalkeeper re-introduces the ball into play with an underarm throw. A ball passed back to the goalkeeper may be returned with a kick.

15            After the ball leaves the centre circle at tip-off it is ‘live’ – any player may play it.


Note: the above are guidelines and can be modified by the Presiding Officer subject to conditions on the day.



1. The number of substitutions allowed is unlimited (i.e. a player may play, then take a break, and then play again in a game).

2. The referee must be made aware of all substitutions, and they should take place during dead-ball situations. Teams must supply their own footballs.