Tag Rugby 2017

Closing Date: 24/May/2018

Final: TBC

Tag is a brilliant Mixed Social Sport, suitable for all shapes, sizes, ages and sporting abilities, where guys and girls play together in a competitive environment. 



Counties/regions can enter one club team to compete in the competition.

Team Size

A team must consist a minimum of seven players  – two of whom must be women.

A team can sign in up to five substitutes.

A team list, including substitutes, must be submitted to the Presiding Officer at sign in on the day of the competition. This list will be checked for verification and affiliation.


See general sports rules.


Unlimited substitutions can be made during a game.

Guidelines for Play

Games will be played according to the laes for IRFU Tag Rugby as published on the IRFU website, with any rules below taking precedence over the IRFU rules.

The Round Robin system of games will apply when it is complete the leading teams will go forward to the play-offs.

Teams must have a minimum of two female players on the pitch at all times.

Games will be of a maximum of twenty minutes duration – 10 minutes each half.

During play the referees’ decision is final.

Teams must bring their own tag rugby ball.

Tags will be supplied by National Office.

Teams must wear similar coloured jerseys and suitable tag rugby approved shorts.

The rules can be modified subject to conditions on the day at the discretion of the presiding officer and his decision will be final.